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How to outsource e-commerce logistics

eCommerce logistics

Delegation of responsibility is an important part of any business, and in the case of e-commerce, that need is even greater. In a market that demands near perfection if you want to be competitive, there is a lot of work to be done, and one of those things is the logistics department.

It is important to keep in mind that the quality of logistics is actually of the utmost importance to the consumer. Aspects such as speed of delivery, conditions and handling of problems that may arise will determine the buyer’s view of you.

This can be a huge drain on a company’s resources. Moreover, it can take years to perfect the process. An increasingly popular solution is outsourcing. By delegating your e-commerce logistics, you can benefit and significantly improve the results of your e-commerce.

What is logistics outsourcing?

Logistics outsourcing is the process by which a company hires the services of a third party to take care of part or all of its logistics. This allows the company to focus its efforts on those fields in which it is truly expert, and to take advantage of the resources of the company that is in charge of outsourcing the logistics so that the service is as effective as possible. 

It is possible to choose, as we have mentioned, to outsource all or only part of the logistics of an e-commerce, carrying out the following services, among others:


When the warehousing service is outsourced, the company is responsible for receiving, checking and storing the products in the e-commerce catalogue. In addition, it will also be in charge of inventory control and stock control.


This service includes the preparation of the products for shipment, choosing the most suitable material so that they do not suffer any damage during transport.


The shipping of e-commerce orders guarantees that customers receive their packages within the estimated timeframe. Likewise, the company chooses the most suitable transport for the delivery of the products.

Advantages of outsourcing your e-commerce logistics

There are numerous advantages that you can enjoy if you decide to outsource the logistics of your e-commerce, if you contract a 3PL operator:

Cost savings

One of the main advantages for which companies choose to outsource logistics is the cost savings, as you will not need a warehouse or the necessary equipment for management.

Access to resources, technology and expertise

Having a logistics company will give you access to technology that you may not have access to, and will allow you to benefit from the experience of that operator in the sector. Think that this company has the facilities, knowledge and workers necessary to make your company’s logistics a success.


Scalability should be a goal in every business. Thanks to the outsourcing of logistics, you will have the necessary resources to be able to increase your sales and grow your business exponentially, even being able to internationalize it in different countries.

Why outsource the logistics of your e-commerce?

There are many reasons to outsource your company’s logistics, as we have seen in this article. The most important thing, without a doubt, is that you have a logistics operator with extensive experience and track record in this field, so that you can improve your results and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

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