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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we help you develop, design and/or improve your online store, providing you with all the aspects your eCommerce requires.

Developing an online store is the natural step forwards after an appropriate eCommerce strategy has been established. This is when eCommerce tools enter into play, which, if they are used properly, will turn your online business into the one you desire.

In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we offer you the design of complex and top-quality technological solutions, in which each detail has been studied to resolve needs without creating new ones. We know that diving into the online field is an ambitious step; for this reason, we take care of each aspect of the eCommerce development to achieve a simple and successful transition. The result is products that simplify business activity and enable you to focus on the day-to-day of your business.

We create eCommerce focused on the need to buy, and we provide all the necessary elements to encourage it. We are up to date with the latest user behaviour trends and web usability, and we combine an attractive design with the requirements for an optimum conversion.

Benefits for your business:

  • Integration of mechanisms to be able to control stock, accounting and logistics in real time and centralised in a single system.
  • Integration and synchronisation of the system with the physical shop.
  • Creation of an online marketing strategy, with results-based monitorisation.
  • Legal advice
  • Customer service

Benefits for your customers:

  • Attractive design and simple to use
  • A structure that makes browsing and searching as simple as possible.
  • Logical organisation of products
  • A wide range of categories and filters
  • Simplified purchasing process to avoid shopping cart abandonment.
  • Variety of payment systems

Our eCommerce design and development services:

  • Consulting services for your eCommerce business
  • Design and development of your online store
  • Integration with the logistics and distribution of your eCommerce business
  • Marketplace integration
  • Legal advice regarding eCommerce

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