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FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS is the eCommerce logistics operator you need to boost and professionalise all the aspects associated to your online business.

Not only do we take care of all the management related to your sales, we also attend to your customers throughout the process stage, thus achieving a better buying experience. You sell and we look after the rest.

We have the most advanced management and information systems, as well as flexible teams and infrastructure to provide a service that meets the current demand in this field.

Why do I need a specialised logistics operator in eCommerce?

Digital marketing requirements cannot be supplied by systems designed for conventional logistics. Different needs require different and specific solutions.

The most obvious differences between logistics especially designed for eCommerce and conventional logistics are the following:

The type of orders. Small orders made up of few items vs. large orders.

The type of customers. Individuals vs. shops, shopping centres, distributors, etc.

  • The type of delivery places. Homes vs. shops, warehouses, etc.
  • Demand. Discontinuous and urgent flows vs. planned flows.
  • The necessary infrastructure. Service centres vs. large warehouses

What are the benefits of contracting an eCommerce logistics operator?

Contracting FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS as your eCommerce logistics operator offers your business a wide range of benefits:

It provides your business with all the tools and processes you need for your online sales management (technology, software, hardware, warehouses, storage elements, materials handling elements, professional team, a variety of human resources, etc.).

It provides your business with a specialised team with over 20 years of experience specifically dedicated to logistics functions, which enables you to optimise the service and your customers’ buying experience.

It converts the cost of your logistics into a variable cost. The invoices we issue for the contracted services are 100% variable, depending on supplies, occupation and sales, with no fixed minimum amounts.

Focus your attention and resources on your core business and don’t waste time developing and maintaining logistics processes. We make sure everything goes well.

Don’t lose control of your business. Thanks to our information systems developed by our IT team, you will have all the information you need and in the way you can use it best. Information is a key feature of online business.

In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we have an extensive range of processes to cover all your logistics requirements in a comprehensive manner, and we can cover these needs in a single work environment designed specifically for your business.

Our philosophy is to adapt our processes to the particular features of your business, instead of having to adapt your business to specific processes.

Our eCommerce logistics processes include:

  • Procurement from the supplier or factory. Depending on your preference, we either collect your goods in origin or receive them in our warehouse.
  • Unloading and stock entry management. We control the goods received in the warehouse and add them to the stock using the validation systems of your choice.
  • Logistic warehousing. We store and look after your products in an optimum manner so they are ready to be sent to your customers quickly and safely.
  • Stock and inventory management. We keep control of your stocks and inventories so you have real-time information wherever you need it.
  • Manipulation management and AVL (added-value logistics) of products: We add value to your products by manipulating them according to your customers’ wishes. Customise your products to provide a unique buying experience.
  • Kitting processes. We compile your kits or sales assortments with the necessary components and get the final assemblies ready to send.
  • Order preparation. We prepare all your orders quickly, professionally and effectively.
  • Picking and packing processes. We place the most advanced technology and processes at your disposal, so that both the content and image of your shipment are perfect.
  • Reverse logistics. We take care of your returns. Not only do we control their reception, we also check the condition of returned goods so they are available for sale once again.
  • Distribution, and national and international transport. We manage your shipments via our network of collaborators specialised in eCommerce shipments, so your customers are fully informed of when they will receive their purchases.
  • Shipment tracking and monitoring. We have communication tools and tools for consulting the status of shipments. We communicate with the receivers by email and text message, so they may consult the status and manage their purchases.
  • Call Centre: We place our customer services department at your disposal. By way of our multi-channel (telephone, email, chats) call centre, we can resolve your queries about products, the use of the online store, the status of your shipments, changes of delivery addresses, resolve incidents, returns support, etc.).