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FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS provides you and the receivers with all the information related to your eCommerce logistics. Information and its access is a key element in businesses of this nature and we are able to communicate it in an integrated way in a single environment. For this purpose, we make our active and passive communication tools available to access the information.

Why is it important to have tracking and monitoring tools?

One of the most important features for customers is knowing the status of their purchase as soon as it has been made.

An email from FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS is sent to each customer with the tracking number of their purchase and a link to a website where, after entering the number, customers can track their order in real time from when a purchase is made until it reaches its end destination.

It is essential to provide customers with the best purchase tracking experience; therefore it is indispensable to have software capable of connecting with all the events of the process and provide updated information in real time.

However, it is not only vital for customers, it is also all-important for the seller. Between 80% and 90% of tracking emails are opened, meaning that it is a unique opportunity to continue selling, as it keeps customers in the buying cycle and encourages them to make another purchase. How? Imagine being able to add content to these tracking emails with special promotions, lists of recommended articles for next orders, discount vouchers or coupons for the next purchase, links for leaving reviews of the article or store, forthcoming events of your online store, access to your social networks, etc.

In all cases, this will provide you with increased brand visibility and possibly make the customer return and make another purchase.

Therefore, if you are looking for a solution for your eCommerce logistics management, bear in mind that with FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS you’ll be able to send and customise tracking emails.

Our shipment tracking and monitoring processes:

  • Automatic email notification of the events related to eCommerce sales:
    • Order has been received
    • Order is being prepared
    • Shipment has departed
    • Shipment is being delivered
    • Shipment has been delivered
  • Customisable email format with a link to the tracking URL and unique tracking code of the shipment
  • Standard tracking website or customised for your business
  • SMS to receivers with the possibility to interact with the courier to schedule the delivery
  • Customer extranet for the massive monitoring of your shipments

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