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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take care of your reverse logistics management. We make sure that your returned products are entered into the stock in suitable condition to subsequently be sent to your customers; we also manage the recovery and recycling of the containers and packaging associated to the returns.

What is reverse logistics and what is it used for?

In our field, we refer to reverse logistics as the set of all the processes in a supply chain that are dedicated to collecting certain products and/or materials from consumers and transferring them to the warehouse.

We are talking about the indispensable management to run the services, such as returns, shipments sent to recycling or destruction, the return of goods and similar. The logistics are similar to conventional logistics but they imply a series of particular features that need to be specifically considered.

With FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS you will be able to cover your needs, differentiating between both fundamental types of reverse logistics:

We take care of collecting and transporting your customers’ returns that you have approved and, once they have arrived at the warehouse, we fully check and them, make an inventory and verify their condition. This process has turned into one of the most important points (and also the most problematic) of eCommerce.

If the condition is unsuitable for placing these products on sale again, our manipulation / AVL processes will successfully recover them for the service.

We take care of collecting and transporting your containers and/or materials from your customers. Whether it is to conveniently reuse them or prevent possible environmental damage, recycling this waste properly is one of the main priorities of modern industry.

Our reverse logistics processes

  • Management of accepted returns
  • Collection of products in origin
  • Transport and tracking to the warehouse
  • Control of quantity and quality of the materials received
  • Product classification according to:
    • GOOD CONDITION. They are entered into available stock
    • DEFECTIVE. They are added to blocked stock for their service
    • RECOVERABLE. They undergo a manipulation process to finally be added to available stock
  • Automatic notification of returns with details of content and condition for refunding customers.
  • Packaging and materials management to either recycle them or convert them into waste.
  • Waste management with the possibility to obtain certificates of destruction.

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