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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take care of managing and looking after your goods using the most suitable storage systems and necessary infrastructure to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their management.

With our processes and storage elements, not only do we cover the guarding, custody and preservation requirements of your goods, we also ensure they are placed in the best location of the warehouse’s layout, to facilitate the management and handling processes of your stock.

We have different types of storage racks that enable us to optimise and take maximum advantage of the space, thus minimising your logistics costs.

We believe that our warehousing process is the heart of our logistics management system and we consider it to be the central pivotal element of warehouse operations. We adapt incoming and outgoing processes to this optimum configuration, which has a customised design to meet your business and production requirements.

Our logistic warehousing processes:

  • High storage capacity for European and American pallets at different heights.
  • Available space for goods that require storage in an irregular format (not standardised).
  • Customised configuration of pallet rack levels for your palletised storage.
  • Customised configuration of picking locations adapted to the format and volume of your goods, as well as your turnover ratios.
  • Static (person to product) and mobile (product to person) goods storage systems (high performance racks m2 from the ground, conventional racks, vertical carousels, etc.).
  • Exclusive sector for your goods with subsectors organised according to product type, stock turnover and logical flow of materials.
  • Flexibility of the areas assigned to each customer for possible storage points and buffer areas.
  • Monitoring of changes in occupation and periodical goods compaction processes.
  • Manipulation equipment and movement of goods (wire-guided VNA [very narrow aisle] trucks, reach trucks, electric and manual pallet jacks) with a capacity adjusted to your needs.

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