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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take care of managing the preparation of all your orders in a very professional and effective manner. At all times we adapt to the circumstances of your sales channels and those of your customers so that you can concentrate on continuing to make your business grow.

We have cutting-edge technology systems, as well as very flexible Human Resources, which are necessary to enable us to perfectly adapt to your sales flows and campaigns.

We work with you to plan your customers’ demands, creating differentiated processes for each sector, thus providing receivers with the highest degree of satisfaction, according to their needs.

We place processes at your full disposal that have been specifically created for the different sales channels, whether they are distributors, shopping centres, shops, B2B, B2C, etc.

Order preparation

Our order preparation processes

  • Preparation of individual orders, multi-order batches, extraction from the sales batch with classification of goods.
  • Confirmation of pallets, packages and items by means of barcodes and radio frequency (RF).
  • Urgent order management.
  • Management of preparation specifications for each order (special labelling, special palletisation, etc.).
  • Creation of delivery notes according to customers’ specifications and in defined formats.
  • Packing-list control for each package and/or pallet.
  • EDI file generation.
  • Package labelling according to the format used by receiving customers, transport agencies or other specific requirements.
  • Confirmation of preparations sent to your ERP using automated systems (web service / interchange files / website / automatic mailing, etc.).
  • Integration of orders with transport agencies.
  • Control of loads to be transported. Generation of route maps.

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