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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take care of managing the preparation of all your orders in a very professional and effective manner. At all times we adapt to the circumstances of your sales channels and those of your customers so that you can concentrate on continuing to make your business grow.

To carry out this process, which consists in preparing your orders and shipments, both parts of the process need to be analysed in a different way in order to optimise all its stages. These parts are called PICKING and PACKING.

Picking and Packing

What are the differences between picking and packing?
Picking is the action of collecting the products that make up the orders to be prepared; therefore, it covers the first stages of the order preparation process and basically consists in the operator going to the shelf and extracting the indicated product.

Packing is the process of arranging and packing the goods that make up orders for their subsequent shipment. The process includes boxing the products, labelling shipments and, whenever necessary, the palletisation of boxes.

Dealing with both subprocesses differently increases productivity and the total production capacity. In both cases, the tasks are created in a differentiated manner and the most efficient methods are applied.


Our picking and packing processes

  • Different calculation algorithms are used for restocking the locations from where the products are picked.
    • Calculation of the product’s minimum stock
    • The need for portfolio orders
    • The required urgency with which orders need to be prepared
  • Optimisation of picking routes so operators generate maximum productivity when they collect the products.
  • Mass picking processes (for batches of orders) with the subsequent product classification using automated information systems.
  • Simultaneous pick and pack processes to obtain pre-packed orders on the packing line.
  • Selection of appropriate packing, considering the products’ volume and weight.
  • Design and supply of your packaging elements with our extensive coverage of specialised suppliers.
  • Packing processes that include all necessary distribution elements (customised delivery notes, packing lists, invoices, transport labels, etc).

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