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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take care of your customer management, which is a key element for the success of your eCommerce business.

Through our specialised Call Centre we overcome any obstacle and resolve any errors customers may encounter during the entire buying, delivery or return process, thus preventing negative repercussions and transforming the situation into an opportunity to build loyalty through the service.

Communication with customers is multi-channel and we provide you with the necessary means to be able to attend to customers via email, telephone and chats.

Why do I need a professionalised customer service?

Unsatisfied users could leave a negative review of your online store, which would be bad publicity and could influence other consumers’ decisions. Nowadays, due to the Internet and social networks, it takes no time for bad experiences to be made known and the repercussions could even affect your activities and cause harm to your brand. Furthermore, we need to bear in mind that people tend to leave an opinion after a bad experience, not when everything has gone satisfactorily.

For this reason, in eCommerce logistics nothing must be left to chance and the best thing is to rely on FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS as your ideal partner for your eCommerce logistics management. The best visiting card for an Ecommerce business is a satisfied customer, for both the product and the logistics service!

Customer satisfaction must be guaranteed in all stages of sales and post-sales, and is linked to series of factors distributed throughout the entire shipment chain:

  • In the product information
  • In the assistance with the purchasing process on the online store
  • In the delivery times and methods
  • In the choice of transport methods
  • In the customisation of shipment tracking
  • In the capacity to control the status of orders and resolve possible incidents
  • In the returns management

According to studies on eCommerce, 27% of users’ confidence is affected by delays with shipments. It is therefore essential to not only guarantee a highly professional and efficient customer service, but also systematically analyse the quality of the service provided, paying special attention to service time frames and using key performance indicators (KPIs).

The data collected by the Call Centre of FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS when attending to your customers will be made available to you on our dashboards. It will be displayed in a quantified manner and also classified by types of enquiry. As a result, it will be possible to analyse the reasons for any complaint and identify the strengths and areas that must be improved. We help you with continuous improvement!

From our Call Centre we will conduct customer satisfaction surveys, whose results will enable you to evaluate which aspects of the customers’ buying experience can be improved./p>

Our eCommerce customer service processes:

  • Customer service centralised in a specialised call centre
  • Multi-channel connectivity (telephone, email, chats, etc.).
  • Record of all the customer services offered in a computerised format
  • Quantification and classification of the reasons for the enquiries and/or complaints
  • Service monitoring KPIs
  • Insights report and customer perception of the buying experience for continuous improvement

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