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What is KITTING and how can it help me with my logistics management?
Kitting is the action required to gather all the materials that make up a product and group them together into a kit, transforming several initial products into a single end product. This process may be carried out before or at the time of the sale, to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of products on the order preparation lines.

In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take charge of managing and compiling your sales kits or sales assortments, based on controlling the stock of necessary components and putting the end products at the service of the order preparation process, thus providing the most efficient stock management methodology and minimising the associated logistics costs.

Specifically supplying and storing products that could easily end up as components of a wide range of sales kits enables you to reduce stocks of both the necessary and least important components, even reaching the point when they can be manufactured on demand of an effective sale.

In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we have the most advanced management systems of components, compounds and their assembly, and we make them available to you in the format that is the most appropriate for you.

Our kitting processes

  • Definition and automated maintenance of the structures of each sales kit, defining each one of the necessary components and amounts for their assembly.
  • Control of the kit manufacturing versions that enable you to modify the components that make up the kit over time, adapting them to cost improvements or production requirements.
  • Kit assembly process validated by reading the EAN code of the article comprising the kit. Thanks to this process, their removal from the stock is converted into the entry into the stock of compounds.
  • Optimisation of working time and less movements. Due to placing the necessary products on the assembly line, operators do not waste time locating them, since they are all within reach.
  • We achieve a more fluid supply chain, perfectly connecting the assembly line with the picking and packing processes, consequently improving the service and streamlining the operation.
  • The operators who prepare kits are specialised in this task and with the help of the management system and the computerised picking systems, they are able to group all the articles together, reducing assembly errors.
  • If all materials are prepared in advance, it increases productivity and means that a more rigorous inventory can be kept, thus ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted assembly of goods.
  • The assembly line operators only have the indispensable products, tools and instructions to perform their work. Consequently, only the space that is strictly necessary for housing the products is occupied.

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