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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we make sure that your shipments reach your receivers by working with our network of integrated collaborators. The process is carried out from a computer environment that integrates all your logistics and distribution operations.

We select the most appropriate channel for your shipments, considering all the relevant aspects of each one:

  • Country / Area of destination
  • Shipment volume and weight
  • Type of shipment (Palletisation, parcel service, courier service)
  • Type of receiver (warehouse, shopping centre, distributor, shop, private individual)
  • Type of service (urgent, 24 h, conventional, export, etc.)
  • Cost of the shipment

Our network of collaborators has been specifically selected to cover some specific services, ensuring an information integration capacity that provides continuity to the level of quality we offer in all our warehouse operations, providing us with the best channels possible for each shipment in a single integrated environment.

Don’t settle for a single channel for your shipments when you can have an entire multidisciplinary network at your service. We take care of integrating all the information from each collaborator in our integrated management system and we ensure service fulfilment, incident resolution, etc., placing all this information at your service and that of your customers.

Our distribution, national and international transport processes:

  • Traceability of integrated operations (logistics and transport)
  • Full loads (door-to-door shipments)
  • Partial loads (door-to-door shipments with several delivery points)
  • Ad-hoc transport when the goods are especially heavy or oversized
  • Less-than-truckloads for palletised goods, industrial parcel services, etc.
  • Courier services for small parcels delivered to shops (B2B) and individuals (B2C)
  • Outgoing and incoming service (reverse logistics)
  • Express service for urgent shipments delivered the following day at 10:00 / 12:00 / 19:00
  • Shipment tracking and monitoring
  • PoD downloads (acceptances of delivery, etc.)
  • Automatic notifications for events control

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