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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS not only do we prepare your orders, we also manage the transport and delivery to end customers in their home.

Home deliveries require some ß, as well as a variety of channels to optimise shipments and achieve customer satisfaction with the lowest cost possible.

In most cases, different transport companies must be used to send products. This is due to the fact that the choice of distribution channel is influenced by many different factors, such as:

the size of the packages to be shipped

  • the cost of the shipment
  • the geographical area of the destination
  • the type of end destination (home, shop, pick-up point)
  • the delivery time
  • the delivery windows, etc.

FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS provides your eCommerce business with several transport options integrated into a single allocation, control and tracking environment. We select the most suitable courier for each shipment through parameters defined and/or calculated for each sale.

Our eCommerce distribution services:

  • Urgent service 19:00
  • Premium service 08:30
  • Premium service 10:00
  • Premium service 12:00
  • Premium service delivery on Saturday
  • Change of product service
  • eCommerce pick-up service
  • We generate all the documentation associated to your shipments during the preparation process (delivery note, returns forms, transport labels, etc.).

The entire distribution process is carried out by reading the shipment label created by us, regardless of the selected courier. Since there are no relabelling processes, traceability errors are eliminated.

Our eCommerce distribution processes:

  • Wide network of collaborators specialised in eCommerce distribution fully integrated into our systems.
  • Extensive service catalogue that covers all receivers’ requirements.
  • Automatic allocation of the courier in accordance with parameters defined by the customer and shipment variables.
  • Automatic shipment labelling, integrated into the courier’s network.
  • Real-time shipment tracking throughout the entire process.
  • SMS or email notification of the deliveries sent to the receiver.
  • Access to the acceptance of delivery and PoDs.
  • Web service feed of the statuses and transport situations to your online store.

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