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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take charge of properly preparing your sales orders, even before they are made, continuing throughout the whole process until the final delivery.

We permanently feed and maintain the information about your stocks on the online store, to prevent sales of unavailable stock, which customers can find frustrating.

Once a sale has been made, we reserve the necessary stock until the payment process has been validated, which is when we authorise the preparation of the shipment.

However, if during the preparation process any error is detected that prevents sending the order in the manner requested by the customer, an alarm is generated that blocks the shipment so the customer services team can contact the receiver, make the necessary corrections and ensure that no customer receives an article they didn’t buy.

We make all the necessary services available to our customers to ensure a totally satisfactory buying experience. These services include customised packaging suitable for the type of product, the possibility to customise products according to customers’ wishes and all kinds of automatic selectable communications, so they are properly informed of the status of their order at all times.

Our eCommerce order processes:

  • Preparation of individual orders, multi-order batches prepared simultaneously or extracted from the sales batch with classification of the goods.
  • Confirmation of the items comprising the order by reading barcodes and radio frequency (RF).
  • Urgent order management and/or priority channels.
  • Management of preparation specifications for each order (product customisations, inclusion of documents, vouchers, greetings cards, etc.).
  • Creation of delivery notes and/or documents for possible returns (labels, forms, etc.) according to your defined formats.
  • Control of the packing list of the content of each package.
    Generation of EDI files.
  • Labelling of shipments according to the format used by transport agencies or other specific requirements.
  • Confirmation of preparations sent to your computer systems using automated systems (web service / interchange files / website / automatic mailing, etc.)
  • Integration of order tracking with collaborating transport agencies.
  • Control of loads sent for transport by reading shipment labels.
  • Creation of transport documents

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