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In FR SERVICIOS LOGISTICOS we take care of the manipulation required by your goods, with the aim of adapting them to the requirements established by your customers and applying added-value logistics (AVL) to your products.

It is often necessary to adapt the format in which each end customer wishes to receive their products, or even configure them in a specific way for your promotions, country of sale, etc.

Based on a standardised product format and applying the best and most efficient manipulation processes, we successfully save a considerable amount of money on costs, as manufacturing and storing the same product in different formats is much less efficient than doing it in standard format and reconverting it, in accordance with your sales.

Types of manipulations:

  • Manipulating a standard product to convert it into an end customer’s generic product:
    By means of the manipulation process, a batch of original products is transformed to give it a different format, which the customer sells in a generic way. Typical examples are change of container formats, shrink wrapped products, display cases, boxed products, labelling, bagging, etc.
  • Manipulation of a standard product to convert it into an end customer’s specific product:
    Using the manipulation process, a product is transformed to give it a customised format for the end customer, such as embroidered and printed articles and any customisation that only affects these specific items.

Our manipulation / AVL processes

  • Labelling. We label your products to include the information you require (EAN, LOGOS, LANGUAGES, RETAIL PRICE, etc.), using either self-adhesive formats or hangtags.
  • Relabelling. We remove and replace existing labels to adapt them to a product’s new reality, using self-adhesive formats or hangtags.
  • Bagging. We protect your products by putting them inside plastic bags shaped like a cover and then heat sealing them. The main purpose of bagged products is to protect them from external agents that could damage them (dust, dirt, etc.)
  • Product encoding. We include RFID labels, etching and printing the information required by your product.
  • Shrink wrapped products. We shrink wrap products using heat, perfectly adapting the plastic or transparent film to a product’s surface. It is then sealed with heat, which guarantees the best protection. The process consists of two stages: the product is wrapped, then heat is applied to shrink the film around it by means of a hot air tunnel.
  • Boxed products. We assemble and fill your products in boxes to improve their presentation and make them more attractive for consumers.

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